20 Incredibly Cool Tech Gadgets to Buy (in 2023)

20 Incredibly Cool Tech Gadgets to Buy

Hello! We may not be familiar with each other. But we meet in there. It means we have a common need.
Do you need help choosing gadgets when you want to enjoy life?
I am usually distressed to find the gadgets because I want to improve my life quality. Living in an interesting and fully functional house makes me feel blissful.
To pursue this happiness, I read and skimmed over some stores. Finally, I summarize a lot of products. Luckily for you, these products I have tested for you.
Eventually, welcome to the world of cool tech gadgets!

Anker 737 Power Bank

Anker 737 Power Bank

It is one of the most useful charging devices for mobile power. It is a portable power source for any device you have. I like to have different types of mobile power for different situations. I have very small mobile power for emergency cell phone power only. And I have some very large mobile power to run a small refrigerator if the power goes out.

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

I have often been locked out in the past month because I couldn’t find my keys. The most annoying thing is that I wonder if I left my keys at work or home, so I’m always torn about whether or not to rekey.
I am a person who likes to lose things and usually lose my credit cards, wallet, and other valuables. I found this Smart Wallet because of this. It is not only made to keep RFID scanners from reading your cards, but it also keeps track of where your wallet is.
With the solar-powered tracker, I can keep a close eye on the location of my wallet at all times, even if I don’t have it with me at the time. The built-in tracker is linked to an app on my phone that tells me within a few feet where my wallet is. When the tracking device is closed, it can play a sound to help me find it.

WYZE Cam Pan v3 Home Security Camera

WYZE Cam Pan v3 Home Security Camera

The weatherproof camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. It means you can also use it as an outdoor camera which is a huge advantage.
It is small, and the lens covers most of its surface. Regarding numbers, it only measures around 2.05 x 2 x 2.3 inches.
Regarding the weight of the two cameras, the Cam Pan weighs 249 g while the Cam v3 weighs 98.8 g. Of course, the lightweight nature of the Cam v3 makes it very easy to move around. However, it also has its drawbacks. For example, knocking it off the ground is easy, especially if it’s not mounted properly.
For the price, the night vision is clear and well-lit. In addition, infrared light lets you see well before the lens.

Weatherman Collapsible Umbrella

Weatherman Collapsible Umbrella

The Weatherman Collapsible Umbrella is a great choice if you want an umbrella that can’t be broken.
It’s designed to transport easily but offers a strong defense against even the worst storms. It comes in different styles and colors and is small enough to fit in your backpack or car if it rains unexpectedly.
Thanks to its industrial-strength fiberglass, it offers outstanding durability. You can count on it during the wettest and windiest seasons. Made from waterproof fabric, you can rest assured knowing you’ll stay dry. Plus – its ventilated canopy can withstand winds up to 55 mph.

Ooni Volt 12

Ooni Volt 12

It is Ooni Volt 12 indoor electric pizza oven. This full-featured indoor pizza oven may be the biggest change in the pizza oven market in years.
It’s a 13-inch electric pizza oven that can be used inside and out.
It is a big change in the world of high-quality pizza ovens. It is only found in outdoor ovens and pizzerias with their ventilation systems.
It has finely tuned temperature controls and top and bottom heating elements. You can find other functions. It includes a 10mm thick baked stone surface, automatic control sets for various pizza styles, and a power-coated carbon steel enclosure. It ensures more insulation and safety.
These are just the basic features. I love so much more about this pizza oven, and I’m excited to share it with you. Once I get my hands on a pizza oven, you can also be sure that I will provide a full review of my experience with it.

Nix Biosensors

Nix Biosensors

Staying hydrated during a workout is an intuitive practice. When you feel dry, take a break, have a quick drink, and then return to your pre-planned regimen. But I’ve been thirsty more than once, and the signs are sometimes clearer than you might think. Sometimes you need something outside yourself to tell you when to drink more fluids and how much you should drink.
Nix released its wearable hydration biosensor to give sports an outside source that can be helpful. This lightweight pod-like device is meant to be worn on your arms while you train. It measures your hourly rate of fluid and electrolyte loss as you sweat.
The data is sent to your compatible device, notifying you when to pause and quench your thirst.

Garmin Instinct Crossover

Garmin Instinct Crossover

The Garmin Instinct Crossover is the first hybrid watch made by the company.
The new Instinct Crossover Solar from Garmin is for the small group of people who always work out. No matter what sport you choose, this watch’s menu will have the right mode for you. It keeps track of everything, from the smoothness of a mountain bike drop to a runner’s power, heart rate, and effective recovery time.

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is the high-end alternative to the Quest 2, which Meta will continue to sell separately. It’s a standalone VR headset with more powerful internal specs and two new features. It includes mixed reality with a full-color video feed and facial tracking with an internal camera.
Meta thinks of the Quest Pro as a virtual office. People can meet with coworkers and switch between full VR and limited forms of AR.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Amazon Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s biggest ebook reader. It results from all the improvements and new features added to the Kindle over the past 15 years. When you buy one of Amazon’s new tablets, like when you buy most Kindles, you get a free trial of its Unlimited service. It lets you borrow digital books to read whenever you want. I liked the service enough to keep paying for it after the trial time was over.
You can add a Bluetooth headset to the Kindle Scribe and use Audible for audio playback. The battery life will be affected more by Audible books than by regular e-ink books. But using Amazon’s audio service on the bigger Scribe is nice.

Sony WH-1000XM5

SONY WH 1000XM5 1

Sony’s best noise-canceling headphones are the WH-1000XM5. Now they have a software update that makes head-tracking spatial audio possible. This week, Sony launched this feature on its new wireless earbuds, the WF-1000XM5.
This update also changes how these portable headphones work with Bluetooth multipoint. Before, you had to choose between being able to connect two devices to the XM5 at once. Or you use the company’s LDAC high-resolution Bluetooth driver. When you turned on one feature, it immediately turned off the other one. Now, you can turn on LDAC and join multiple devices simultaneously, even if one doesn’t support LDAC (like an iPhone)……

DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI Mini 3 Pro 2

Drones that fly through the air have become a must-have for travelers. Whether you want to take pictures of famous landmarks, breathtaking scenery, or everyday life, a drone can help you record your most precious moments from a new angle. You have even more great options now that DJI Air 3 is out. But what is the best drone for you?
The Mini series is known for being small and light. The Mini 3 Pro weighs only 249 grams and is more portable and easy to take anywhere. The Air 3, on the other hand, is a bit bigger and heavier than other drones in its class, but it’s also more compact.

VAHA S Fitness Mirror

VAHA S Fitness Mirror

The Vaha S Mirror is a revolutionary new piece of exercise equipment. It has a unique design and some high-tech features. It looks better than its predecessor, the Vaha X, and is slimmer. It has a 32-inch touchscreen panel with a reflective glass surface. It lets users see themselves as they train.
You can get the most out of your workouts by training with VAHA. Find the class you need whenever you need it, with live and on-demand classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes for beginners to experts and 10+ exercise types. You can get help and inspiration from great teachers without leaving your home.

LEGO App-controlled Transformation Vehicle

LEGO App controlled Transformation Vehicle

Ready to build the first flip car in LEGO Mechanical Group history? This LEGO Mechanical Group app-controlled transforming car combines two vehicles into one! One side is an aerodynamic tracked race car. The other is a tracked exploration vehicle. Both vehicles are equipped to handle the most extreme environments on the planet.
This LEGO Tech App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle (42140), a 2-in-1 RC flip car, gives kids twice as much fun. This RC car toy is the first in a LEGO Technic set. It flips over to show a second car when it hits a wall.

Levitating Plant Pot

Levitating Plant Pot

This hanging planter is a great example of how nature and technology work well together. It will look cool on any desk, bookshelf, coffee table, or indoor garden.
You are guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone who enters the room. Our magnetic pot with a floating plant is the only decoration that looks better.
Small plants, succulents, air plants, and bonsai trees can be put in the best levitating pots.
They become strong and healthy when suspended in mid-air. Use artificial plants as a maintenance-free option.
Relax and elevate your mood with its magical 360-degree rotation! After a long day, you can relax and enjoy the smooth and quiet spinning action of the floating bonsai pot!

Govee Hexagon Light Panels for Wall

Govee Hexagon Light Panels for Wall

Govee Glide Hexa panels have a unique look you won’t find anywhere else. They can be used for accent lights or ribbon backdrops, as party centerpieces in the living room, or to decorate a DJ booth.
They’re big, bright, bold, and gorgeous, thanks to the gradient effect on each tile.

Milk Frother

Milk Frother

You can use several different types of milk frothers to “froth” liquids or milk. Milk frothers are small kitchen tools that can be powered by electricity, batteries, or by hand. They help mix air into a liquid, which causes it to foam and form bubbles. Many people like to add it to their coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and other drinks.
The action of swirling the liquid forces air into the liquid, and the liquid begins to form bubbles and foam. The foam is created at the top. It “froths” the liquid, thus creating frothed milk. Frothy milk is a great way to add extra oomph to your daily coffee or tea.

Power Scrubber Brush

Power Scrubber Brush

A power scrubber is a motorized cleaning tool. It is meant to make washing faster and more effective.
They started as an electric drill brush with a brush head attached to an electric drill. These electric drill brushes appealed to many because no one likes to clean a room manually.

Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger

Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger

● Floatidea magnetic levitation bulb light adopts magnetic levitation technology. It can float freely in mid-air.
● Shock-resistant and durable borosilicate glass bulb. It does not break easily and is more durable than ordinary bulbs. The magnetic levitation technology has double protection (power failure protection and shake protection). The bulb may automatically connect to the upper magnet in case of power failure or shaking.
● Easy to float. One of the easiest lamps to lift with one hand is the Floating Bulb Table Lamp. You can have a great time and learn a lot from it.
● 10W wireless charging. The Floating Bulb Lamp has a built-in wireless charger for many phones. They like phones 12 / 12 Pro / 11 Pro / XR / XS / X / 11 / 8 + / Air pods, Galaxy Note 8 / Note 10 + / S10 / S10 + / S10 / S9.
Are you tired of using wires? It is the perfect light for you!

Ember Mug 2- Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Ember Mug 2 Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

The battery in the Ember Coffee Mug lasts longer. And it can keep your drink between 120°F and 145°F for up to 80 minutes on a full charge.
It senses when to turn on and off. When the mug is empty or hasn’t been used for 2 hours, it goes into sleep mode. It wakes up when it feels liquid or moving.
Whether giving or getting a gift, there’s no better way to spread love. It is then with a glass of your favorite drink that’s always the right temperature.

Morphee Meditation and Sleep Assist

Morphee Meditation and Sleep Assist

I came across this vintage product at CES 2020. Upon closer inspection, the device is truly one of the useful ones. It’s called the Morphee. And it’s a meditation and sleep aid that helps you get a good night’s sleep by helping you meditate.

The Morphee is a wireless device with about ten days of battery backup, which is excellent. It has different meditation modes and durations to choose from before practicing. The buttons are the same as the old alarm clock buttons.
It has a speaker built-in and a place to plug in headphones or earphones.


Now you’ve got 20 Incredibly Cool Tech Gadgets to Buy. That’s just great!
But the fun doesn’t end there. When these gadgets create value in your life, the fun begins.
The above list is based on what I need in my normal life. There are cool tech gadgets for different occasions to help you enjoy your life better and improve your quality of life.
So, are any of these gadgets interesting to you?
If these can’t satisfy you, don’t be disappointed, I will continue to share with you.



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