15 Cool & Useful Home Gadgets Arriving in 2023

15 Cool & Useful Home Gadgets Arriving in 2023

The new year is almost here and with it comes a new wave of innovative and useful gadgets for your home.
2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for home tech and smart appliances that promise to make daily domestic life even more convenient and hands-free. From AI-powered cooking devices that perfectly cook your food every time to robot vacuums that empty their own dustbins, these upcoming home gadgets are ones to watch.
In this article, we will reveal 15 of the coolest and most useful home gadgets slated to arrive in 2023.
These nifty devices will help streamline tasks, automate chores, enhance entertainment and security, and overall make your home smarter and more efficient.
With the leaps in IoT and AI, many of these 2023 gadgets will enable you to simply sit back while technology does the hard work for you.
Get ready to meet your family’s new favorite home helpers and upgrade your abode with the most cutting-edge tech and innovative features.

LG CordZero Auto Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

LG CordZero Auto Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 5

Launching in 2023, the LG CordZero is a revolutionary cordless vacuum with complete flexibility to clean every inch of your home powered by interchangeable rechargeable battery packs for up to 2 hours of continuous runtime. An auto-emptying base station automatically sucks debris into an attached bag with the capacity to contain a month’s worth of dust and dirt so you don’t have to manually empty after each use. An upgraded motion sensor optimizes suction power as you clean different surfaces around your home.
Pros: No cords, long battery life, auto-emptying base. Cons: Expensive price, heavy weight.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub 1

Released in 2022, Weber’s Connect Smart Grilling Hub lets you monitor your food’s temperature from your phone to achieve perfect doneness every time. It features a display unit that sits near your grill and connects wirelessly to Weber’s app, supporting up to 4 food probes to track multiple items simultaneously. You get alerts when food reaches your target temp. A 2023 app upgrade provides recommendations for optimal cook times.
Pros: Precise remote temperature info, convenient app control. Cons: Small display size, limited Bluetooth range.

Anker Eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid

Anker Eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid

Anker’s RoboVac X8 launching in 2023 delivers ultra-strong 2000Pa suction to handle dust and debris with a hybrid design that integrates a mop to scrub hard floors after vacuuming your carpets in one pass. 2023 software upgrades allow for more efficient cleaning paths over time.
Pros: Excellent suction power, vacuum + mop capabilities. Cons: Loud operation, can miss edges.

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Released in 2020, the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box synchronizes your Hue lights to match the colors and brightness of movies, TV and games for an immersive home entertainment experience. It analyzes audio/video signals in real-time to replicate lighting effects. A 2023 enhanced model adds more HDMI ports and 4K/120fps support.
Pros: Deep media integration, extensive Hue lighting effects. Cons: Requires Hue Bridge, expensive price.

Fittrack Smart Body BMI Scale

Fittrack Smart Body BMI Scale

Arriving in 2023, Fittrack’s Smart Body BMI Scale provides 17 body composition measurements including weight, BMI, muscle mass, and more. Medical-grade sensors precisely track changes over time, syncing to fitness apps via Bluetooth. Enhanced electrodes in 2023 improve data accuracy.
Pros: Comprehensive metrics and app connectivity. Cons: Daily fluctuations confuse some users.

Guardzilla Outdoor Security Camera

Guardzilla Outdoor Security Camera

Guardzilla’s 2022 outdoor security camera uses invisible laser tripwires up to 50 feet to detect motion and deter intruders. It features infrared night vision, 140° field of view, and integration with voice assistants. 2023 AI person detection reduces false alerts.
Pros: Advanced motion detection, free cloud storage. Cons: Requires outdoor power outlet.

ROVA Home Robot

ROVA Home Robot

ROVA, revived by Anki in 2023, is an adorable home robot that recognizes faces, avoids obstacles, controls smart devices, and expresses emotions on its LED screen. New 3rd-party app integration expands capabilities.
Pros: Cute personality, self-charging. Cons: Limited initial app ecosystem, expensive price.

Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo

Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo

Launching in 2023, Cosori’s Pro combines an air fryer with a full-size convection oven in one appliance. It features 12 one-touch cooking functions including air fry, bake, broil, and dehydrate. The 2023 model improves heat circulation for quicker cooking.
Pros: Versatile modes, compact design. Cons: Learning curve, bulky footprint.

Moen Smart Water Detector + Shutoff

Moen Smart Water Detector Shutoff 1

Moen’s smart water detector, released in 2022, sounds an alarm and can automatically shut off water if a leak is detected, preventing damage. The system installs wirelessly in minutes. A 2023 model gains a 6-year battery life.
Pros: Prevent damage from leaks, easy wireless installation. Cons: Shutoff valve sold separately, potential false alarms.

Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum

Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum

Launching in 2023, Yeedi’s self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner sucks debris into a bagless base that contains 30 days’ worth of dirt. It features strong suction power and accurate navigation. The 2023 base improves dirt compression for more capacity.
Pros: Large dust bin, auto-emptying dock. Cons: Expensive, loud operation.

Hydraloop Water Recycling System

Hydraloop Water Recycling System

Hydraloop’s 2023 under sink appliance recycles water from your home to reduce waste, filtering it to drinkable quality up to 80% purity. Usage can be monitored remotely by mobile app. 2023 integration with smart homes allows voice control.
Pros: Conserves water, automated operation. Cons: Expensive price, extensive installation.

Airthings View Plus Air Quality Monitor

Airthings View Plus Air Quality Monitor

The Airthings View Plus, released in 2022, continuously tracks radon, CO2, temperature, humidity and more in your home, displaying levels clearly and streaming data to mobile devices. Upgraded 2023 air quality sensors improve accuracy.
Pros: Detailed home air analysis, easy-to-view display. Cons: Single room only, subscription fee.

Tovala Smart Oven

Tovala Smart Oven 1

Tovala’s countertop smart oven released in 2021 perfectly cooks over 100 pre-programmed meals by scanning QR codes on their proprietary fresh meal pods. It steams, bakes, and broils. 2023 upgrades add WiFi and better steam distribution.
Pros: Easy gourmet cooking, integrated meal pod system. Cons: Limited food variety, subscription required.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Control

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Control

Chamberlain’s MyQ retrofits to existing openers, allowing garage door control and monitoring from your phone. It provides open/close alerts and virtual access. 2023 Google Home integration enables voice commands.
Pros: Remote access and notifications for your garage. Cons: Requires hub, garage features only.

Anker Eufy Security Video Doorbell

Anker Eufy Security Video Doorbell

Eufy’s 2K wireless video doorbell released in 2022 enhances home awareness with sharp video, night vision, and intelligent motion detection without monthly fees. The 2023 version works wirelessly via HomeBase.
Pros: Excellent video and smart alerts. Cons: No continuous recording, existing doorbell wiring required currently.


Looking ahead to 2023, there’s a lot to be excited about in the world of smart home technology and innovative products. The 15 devices featured in this article represent some of the most useful and cutting-edge home gadgets coming in 2023. 2023 will usher in a new era of transformative home technology, and these gadgets are just a glimpse into the more simplified, automated, and all-encompassing enhanced home experience that awaits us.



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