How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone? 3 Techniques!

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

It is so nervous about the duplicate photos! My iCloud storage has been full for them.

How about you?

I think most of you have also been bothered by this question. Do you have to figure out the useful and right way to solve this question?

If you do not, I promise that after reading this article, you can understand the most effective methods for how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone!

Keep your finger scrolling and get the techniques!

Why Are There Duplicate Photos?

Why Are There Duplicate Photos

Before discussing how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone, you may always be confused about the reason for duplicated photos. So there are generally 3 reasons for solving your question.

Different ways to transfer files from your device

After syncing data from your iPhone using iCloud a few times and then transferring photos to your Mac using a direct connection, you may get duplicate photos.

Taking multiple photos at once

You’ll get duplicate photos when you point your iPhone at the same object or scene and quickly tap the Camera button.

Different versions of an edited photo

Apps will save the edited version if you use a third-party app to edit a photo on your iPhone. And the original photo will also exit meanwhile. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to delete the original if it’s no longer needed.

Now that we have learned the reason for duplicate photos, how can we find them? Is there any convenient way? Yes, of course!

Keep reading and get an encounter with them.

How to Find Duplicate Photos on iPhone?

There are also 3 methods for you:

📱 Browse photo apps manuallyThis point is to open the Photos on your device and go to Albums > All Photos.
Then all you have to do is scroll through the photos to find duplicates.
📁 Open duplicate foldersiPhones running iOS 16 or later have a folder in the Photos app called Duplicates.
It already contains all the duplicate photo groups.
Go to PhotosAlbums > Utilities and tap Duplicates.
⚙️ Apply third-party applicationsYou can download a special app like Duplicate Files Fixer to scan your iPhone for duplicate photos. 

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone?

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

Time to unveil the super wonderful ways to delete duplicate photos! Calm down, and I will also demonstrate 3 useful methods to you.

Have a look and handle them!

Manual delete

It is necessary to ensure every remained photo is worthful. So you can spend time deleting the duplicate ones in the manual.

Step 1. Open the Photos app.

open photo app

Step 2. Go to the Library section.

go to library section

Step 3. Tap All Photos to search for each photo.

Step 4. Scroll through the photos and get the duplicates.

Step 5. Click Select at the top-right of the screen, and tap the duplicates you want to delete.

select photos

Step 6. Choose the Trash icon on the bottom-right side.


Take advantage of the “Duplicates” feature

An easier way to delete duplicate photos is to use the Duplicates feature in the Apple Photos app. It is super convenient and wonderful. Have a look at it.

Step 1. Open the Photos app.

open photo app 1

Step 2. Tap the Albums at the bottom of the screen

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom and in the Utilities section. Then you’ll probably find Duplicates.


Step 4. Click the Merge button.


After merging duplicate photos on your iPhone, you should go to “Photos” > “Albums” > “Recently Deleted,” tap the “Select” button, and choose “Delete All” to delete all duplicate photos from your device permanently.


● If there is no “Duplicates” album, your phones are not scanning the duplicate one.

● Apple is very careful when using this feature and requires exact matches or close photos.

● When you see the “Duplicatets” album, open it to see groups of similar images.

● For better control of the process, you can manually select images. Tab the “Select” button in the upper right corner, click the photos you want to merge and then use the “Merge” button in the bottom center. You cannot merge pictures from different groups.

Using special applications

Wonderful duplicate photo apps can easily detect all duplicate photos on your iPhone and eliminate them immediately. Moreover, such apps use pattern and facial recognition. So it can scan duplicate photos accurately.

Therefore, if you are unsure of the best option, here are the three recommended apps.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover (Free)

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

This app can distinguish between a series of photos with only slight differences. You can choose to delete certain groups of duplicate photos or choose to delete all of them together.

In addition, the application will select and keep the highest quality photos and then delete the rest of the duplicates.

● User-friendly interface
● Detect duplicate and similar photos
● Work across multiple platforms
● Automatically selects the highest quality photos to keep
● Scanning time is a bit long

● Scanning stops as soon as you leave the app

Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner ($14.99)

Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos has also been many users’ favorite duplicate photo removal software. The tool can scan the iPhone for unwanted photos in seconds. The app also detects screenshots, annotations, and blurred images besides duplicate and similar photos.

● Fast scanning process
● Detection of duplicate items, screenshots, annotations, and blurred photos
● Multiple subscription options available
● Limited functionality

● Selection of the best duplicate photo is not always accurate

Smart Cleaner: Clean Storage ($ 29.99)

Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner has two modes: smart cleaning and manual cleaning. The first mode will detect photo duplicates and delete them automatically. The other mode allows you to select the photos you want to keep.

In addition to deleting duplicate photos and videos, it can detect duplicate contacts and old calendar events and test your Internet speed.

● Clear interface
● Provides multiple cleaning modes
● Free trial version
● Delete duplicate photos, videos, contacts, etc.
● Higher subscription prices


Now is the right time to practice how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone! Please don’t forget all the detailed steps! Besides, cleaning regularly is the most effective way to avoid duplicate photos and files. You can do a search every Saturday. Then your iPhone will always have a perfect working process!



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