How to Connect Apple Watch to iPhone (In-Depth Guide)

How to Connect Apple Watch to iPhone (In Depth Guide)

As an avid iPhone fan, I’ve always wanted to take my user experience to the next level.And the latest trend that has me more enthusiastic than ever is the Apple Watch!The leap from cellphones to wrist-based computing is exciting, but it starts with mastering the art of properly pairing these amazing devices.Fear not, iPhone lovers; I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide on how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone. Let’s start!

How to Connect Apple Watch to iPhone

Connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone is an easy process that starts with unboxing your watch and downloading the Apple Watch app.
With a few simple steps, you can pair the two devices and start using the many features of your Apple Watch.

STEP 1: Bring Iphone Near Apple Watch

Bring Iphone Near Apple Watch

To begin, make sure you are using an iPhone 6 or later running iOS 12 or higher. Apple Watch requires a relatively recent iPhone model and operating system to pair properly. Once your iPhone is compatible, unbox your Apple Watch and charge it to at least 50%. Keep the watch near your phone throughout the setup process.

STEP 2: Start Pairing

Next, install the Apple Watch app from the App Store on your iPhone. Open the app and tap “Start Pairing.”
The app will begin searching for your watch. Select your watch once it appears and tap “Continue.”

Start Pairing

Step 3: Enter Pairing Code

On your Apple Watch screen, you will see a pairing code. Enter that code on your iPhone to authenticate. Tap “Pair” on both devices.

Enter Pairing Code

Step 4: Your Apple Watch and iPhone will now connect via Bluetooth

Your Apple Watch and iPhone will now connect via Bluetooth. When pairing is complete, a progress wheel will appear on your watch face. This may take several minutes. Stay near your iPhone.

Step 5: Set up your Apple Watch

Once paired, you can choose to set up your Apple Watch manually, restore from a backup, or migrate settings from another watch. Make your choice on the app.

Set up your Apple Watch

Step 6:Complete Setup

After setup is complete, your Apple Watch and iPhone will connect. For everyday use, simply wear your Apple Watch on your wrist. The watch will mirror most of your iPhone alerts, notifications and messages. You can customize which apps are installed on your Apple Watch and iPhone through the Watch app.

There are a few key tips to remember when using a connected Apple Watch:
● Keep your iPhone nearby, ideally on the same WiFi network, for optimal connectivity. The devices use Bluetooth and WiFi to pair.
● Charge your Apple Watch daily by placing it on the magnetic charger. This maintains the connection.
● Install regular Apple Watch software updates through the Watch app when notified. This keeps the OS in sync.
● Adjust settings like notifications and app installations on both devices. Customizing both is important.

How to Connect Your New iPhone with Your Current Apple Watch

Here are the steps to pair a new iPhone with your current Apple Watch:

Step1: Update Old IPhone

Make sure your Apple Watch is compatible with the new iPhone model. Generally, you’ll want the latest watchOS and iOS versions. Check Apple’s support site for compatibility.

Update Old IPhone

Step 2: Backup Old IPhone

Back up your current iPhone that’s paired to your Apple Watch. You’ll want to sync all data before switching devices. Use iCloud or iTunes.

Backup Old IPhone

Step 3: Turn off Bluetooth on Older IPhones

Turn off Bluetooth on your old iPhone to disconnect it from your Apple Watch. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle off.

Turn off Bluetooth on Older IPhones

Step 4: Power off Old IPhone

Power off your old iPhone. This completes the disconnection.

Power off Old IPhone

Step 5: Start Pairing

On your new iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app. Tap Start Pairing and select your Apple Watch when it appears.

Step 6: Enter Pairing Code, Pairing Complete

Position the Apple Watch and new iPhone near each other. The pairing code should appear on your watch.
Enter the pairing code on the new iPhone when prompted. Tap Pair to confirm on both devices.

Enter Pairing Code Pairing Complete

● If you restored a backup on your new iPhone, your Apple Watch data should transfer seamlessly. Otherwise, you may need to reconfigure some settings and reinstall apps.
● Make sure Handoff is enabled on both devices to continue syncing activity, music, and more between your iPhone and Apple Watch.
Follow these steps carefully and your current Apple Watch should successfully pair with your new iPhone with no loss of data. Feel free to use the Apple Watch as normal once connected.

How to Pair More Than One Apple Watch 

How to Pair More Than One Apple Watch
How to Pair More Than One Apple Watch

Have you ever wanted to pair multiple Apple Watches with your iPhone?
This is possible!
Switch between different Apple Watch models in just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone

Open the Watch app on your iPhone

Step 2: Find the “My Watch” tab

Find the My Watch tab

Step 3: Tap All Watches at the top of the screen

Tap All Watches at the top of the screen

Step 4: Select Add Watch

Select Add Watch

Step 5: Follow the instructions on your iPhone to pair an additional Apple Watch

Through the above steps, you can successfully pair multiple Apple Watches. 

If Your Apple Watch Gets Stuck While Pairing

If your Apple Watch Gets Stuck While Pairing

If your Apple Watch becomes unresponsive and displays a white Apple logo against a black screen, you can address the issue by taking the following measures:
● Simultaneously press and hold the Digital Crown and the Side button. Maintain this hold until the Apple Watch initiates a restart. Once the restart process begins, you can release both the Digital Crown and the Side button.
● Following the restart, apply pressure to the screen by pressing firmly, or alternatively, press and hold the Digital Crown.
● Locate the “Reset” option and select it.
● Once the reset is complete, your Apple Watch will be restored to its default settings. To reconnect it with your iPhone, place your iPhone near the watch and adhere to the onscreen instructions provided.
By adhering to these steps, you can rectify the issue and restore the functionality of your Apple Watch.


You did it! Through the above steps, you have successfully learned how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone.
You’ll no longer have to fumble for your phone when notifications light up. With a flick of your wrist, you can instantly see what’s going on—text messages, emails, calls—you name it.



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